"As adults, we sit reminiscent upon opportunities, some we may have taken, and others we may have
missed. Determination, dedication, discipline, teamwork, and perseverance are arguably characteristics
that propel us in life, and all elements that I come across on the court.
'Ball is life' is a commonly stated athletic slogan, but indeed very real to me and others who have taken
fundamentals off the court straight into life. Practice, perfecting of craft, facing competitors, helping
one another, and going at goals with conviction all served as the stepping stone upon which I have built
my success. All that I have mentioned are gifts that can and should be passed on to the youth in our
communities. Get them involved, so that perhaps, one day they do not reflect on what they may have
Sean (or as I like to call him, Coach Oliver) has been engaged in basketball for over twenty years of his
life. He has worn the hats of a player, mentor, coach, and assistant and knows that every link of the
team is just as important as the link that it follows. As a professional player, I must say, there have often
been observations made by Coach Oliver that have strengthened my game. Even with the capabilities of
coaching pro-level players, Coach Oliver prefers to oversee youth due to their unlimited potential and to
help mold their future. This program teaches more than just basketball, and I highly recommend WBC
not only as a basketball team, but as a family!"

Darren Phillip
Fairfield University
Professional Basketball Player 15 years

"Coach Sean works tirelessly with kids to get the most out of their potential. His attention to individual improvement is where he excels and the results are dramatic. My 11 year old son has attended his sessions and I highly recommend it to folks that want to help their children get a hand up on the competition."

-Tom Parotta, Fairfield University, Assistant Coach

"Sean does a great job teaching basketball fundamentals while keeping the training both disciplined and fun. This is a hard balance to maintain but he does a great job achieving that balance. I have sent my 8, 10 and 13 year olds to his training and all have improved from it. I have also sent the teams I coach to private conditioning workouts with Sean and he has worked them to the bone."

-Michael J. Curto, St. Joseph's/Iona Prep Lower, Head Coach

"Coach Sean Oliver helped found the New Rochelle Basketball Association, where he is a Board Member and the Director of our Junior Huguenot program. My Varsity program at New Rochelle High School badly needed a youth program to serve as a dedicated "feeder system". Under Coach Sean's direction, the Junior Huguenots program has been exactly that.

"Coach Sean brings a lot of energy and dedication to the program, and he works hard to give the kids a basketball experience that is second-to-none in our area. This starts with a strong emphasis on skills needed to succeed at higher levels of basketball, as well as a very competitive game schedule. Preparing these young players in practice, then exposing them to great game competition, is a big help to the development of our up-and-coming players.

In sum, thanks to Sean, young people who might have gone to other schools are coming to the High School, and are well-prepared for success at the high school level. We are truly blessed to have him run our program."

-Rasaun "Crabby" Young, New Rochelle High School, Head Coach

"Sean is a fantastic coach- he has taught my boys the fundamentals of basketball. He is patient, knowledgeable, and determined to help them to be better players. His drills improved their ball handling skills, and made them better passers, and shooters. He has ensured that my boys have a solid foundation of the game. I highly recommend Coach Sean as a teacher, instructor, and coach!"

-Josh Duitz

"One word describes the training that you get from Coach Sean and that is Awesome. My son has been going to coach Sean since he is 8 years old and now that he is a Freshmen he still goes to Sean. The drills that coach uses are outstanding."

-Anthony Piccolino, Parent

"My son loves the game of basketball and Coach Sean has not only made him a better player but has increased his understanding of the game. The teaching methods Coach Sean uses provide the necessary
basics that will benefit any child that has a passion for the game"

Artie Liberatore

"Sean Oliver is a very good coach. He emphasizes teaching the fundamentals. Coach Oliver takes the time out to give each player individual attention and make sure you are playing the game the right way. I had the opportunity to play for Coach Oliver and it was a pleasant experience because he demands the best from his players. We won a few championships together and I benefited from his enthusiasm as well as his coaching intelligence. When you play for Coach Oliver be ready to learn, listen and apply. "

Torey Thomas
9th Season Professional Basketball Player in Europe
Point Guard for Rosa Radom Basketball
Top League in Poland and FIBA Europe Cup